About Keunyoung Song

-About Keunyoung Song-

*This is Keunyoung Song, a songwriter and, a pianist. Now my albums are on Apple music/Spotify/Melon/Naver Music. Also, you can watch my play on Youtube.

I'm a big fan of virtual pianos. Please come and check out my personal reviews about the piano VSTs.

-피아니스트 송근영의 영상 보기(Keunyoung Song’s videos)

*Naver Blog
*Naver TV

-피아니스트 송근영의 음원 듣기(Keunyoung Song’s piano album)

*Spotify, 엠넷, 벅스, 지니, 소리바다 등 국내 전 음원사이트에서 들으실 수 있습니다.
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