Native Instruments Alicia's Keys Review(엘리샤키스 피아노 가상악기 리뷰/추천)

Pianist Keunyoung Song's Piano VST Review - NI Alicia's Keys

*Price & Size : 99 USD, 6.5GB
*Sampled Piano : YAMAHA C3 NEO
*Sampler : Kontakt
*Rate : Aver. 6.2 (Volume 6 / Sound 7 / Body 6 / Response 6 / Dynamic 6)

Hello piano lovers. This is Pianist Keunyoung Song again with another piano VST review.

This time, I want to review one of the legendary piano VSTs in the market, Native Instruments "Alicia's Keys". When I first started digging into piano VST 10 years ago, I used to ask some of my friends what is the best piano VST in the market. The answers were always this VST. Sometimes they came up with Steinberg's The Grand series, but mostly Alicia's Keys was recommended by many musicians and engineers around me.

Ok, first impression. GUI looks ok for me. It was not too fancy and nor low-quality VST outlook. But the sound of was another story. I think NI Alicia' Keys is on the standard level when we compare piano VSTs. When it was released in 2007, it was so sensational that the only rival was Synthogy's Ivory piano series.

FYI, there were some technical issues with v1.0. The main issue was the latency. It was quite noticeable when you play live. The playability was so poor and limited due to the latency with the initial version. But from v1.2, this issue was improved so that I didn't feel any delay playing live. Now its latest version is v1.5. For those who haven't updated yet, please go update in Native Access.

Back to the sound. It sampled YAMAHA' C3 Neo Grand, known as Alicia's personal grand piano used for many of her albums and gigs. It is not a full concert size piano so that don't expect super full warmness that you can experience from Steinway D or Yamaha CFX/C7 Grand.

By default, it has a full ambient sound without any reverb or delay in the control panel. NI captured its natural ambient so well that even you may not need an additional reverb for recordings. IMHO, below are the VSTs that have a good ambient by default in order.
1. Garritan Abbey Road Studios CFX Concert Grand
2. Spectrasonics Keyscape
3. Native Instruments Alicia's Keys

Its low register sounds so heaven and warm and clear. But from the mid to high register, it expresses a unique tone in higher velocities which I don't like that much. But with decent velocity, it sounds so nice, especially for the pop genres.
And its release is rather short that it decays the tone quite fast. I know some people are very sensitive about the release when they choose piano VST. If you are looking for a long release VST, this may not be the one FYI. In most piano VSTs I used, the release function is not tweakable through the knobs so that you have to mind this when purchasing one.

In the sample video, I played my own song "Sweet Dreams" from my 4th album "Sweet Dreams". I composed this song for my 2-year-old daughter that we may sleep well. For the setting, you can refer to below image. FYI, I tweaked the velocity curve a little as its default dynamic setting sounds somewhat muggy. And I used "Audience - Big Studio" preset.

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How did you like it? Please feel free to leave some comments for more talk. It is always my pure joy to talk with piano lovers any time.

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1. Garritan Abbey Road Studios CFX Concert Grand
2. Spectrasonics Keyscape
3. Native Instruments Alicia's Keys

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첨부된 영상은 제 4번째 앨범 "Sweet Dream"의 타이틀 곡입니다. 이 곡도 딸이 예쁘게 잘 자기를 바라는 마음에서 담담하게 써내려간 곡입니다. 연주하면서 릴리즈가 조금만 더 길었으면 하는 아쉬움이 좀 남긴 했어도 전반적인 톤이 좋아서 만족스럽게 연주를 했던 것 같습니다. Preset은 "Audience - Big Studio"를 사용했으며 벨로시티 커브만 CONCAVE25%로 조정하여 연주를 하였습니다.

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Native Instruments Alicia's Keys Review(엘리샤키스 피아노 가상악기 리뷰/추천) Native Instruments Alicia's Keys Review(엘리샤키스 피아노 가상악기 리뷰/추천) Reviewed by Keunyoung Song on 4:13 AM Rating: 5

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